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Well i played SD Malaysia about 3 1/2 years and got many friends in there, when they announced that SD gonna Close at 1st June of this year i stopped playing and decited to play WYD- Global.

When i started WYD i thought omg its so easy to level up and hunt in here why i didnt start play it when the beta started?!

But one think im still missing!

i never saw most of my SD friends again. and the Set and Weapon what i worked so hard for it is gone.

But i´m working hard to get strong and rich in WYD cause its the new game of my heart!

THX to WYD and its community!

And here is my event project. i made a forum for all WYD players with guides and puplic chat with parts for events and news. u all can write comments etc. its made for the community 🙂

greez and ty for reading